The TOP 10 BEST indoor plants for your home!

The TOP 10 BEST indoor plants for your home!

Plants add color and flair to your home decor, that's a given. 

You should explore the varying ways you can utilize house plants to create a welcoming, stylish room. Indoor trees and tropical house plants have always been used to decorate bedrooms, spice up entryways, sit atop window sills, furnish home offices and colorize kitchens for quite some time now. Low-light plants are the most abundant choice because, obviously, they're low-maintenance and grow anywhere -- but some prefer fast growers because they fill up more space! 

House plants are also great for your health. They offer a number of benefits for the home. Studies show that house plants...
  • Improve your mood 
  • Increase productivity
  • Elevate the vibe of your space
  • Increase productivity and creativity 
  • Clean the air in your home 
  • Absorbs toxins and produces oxygen

Tropical plants have a timeless aesthetic that will look amazing for a lifetime and they're also very versatile. Large floor plants are often placed next to windows and couches for a classy touch or to minimally decorate open spaces in living areas. 

Small tree plants can fit anywhere and deliver much needed color to a room. Tall plants make bedrooms and living rooms feel bigger and more lively. Exotic plants with larger leaves can capture attention while medium sized plants can help you grow a luscious, vibrant looking indoor garden. 

Whether you live in an apartment or a home, big or small, rustic or modern, traditional or minimal, indoor house plants are a universal language.

Here's our TOP 10 favorite indoor plants that are a must-have for your abode!

1. Indoor Palm Tree aka Arecaceae

2. Philodendron aka... philodendron! 

3. Yucca aka yucca elephantipes

4. Fiddle Leaf Fig aka Ficus Lyrata

5. Orchids aka Orchidaceae

6. Elephant Ears aka Alocasia x Amazonica

7. Finger Palm aka Rhapis Excelsa

8. Bromelidas aka Bromeliaceae

9. Norfolk Island Pine aka Araucaria Heterophylla

10. Jade Plant aka Crassula Ovata

Hopefully we've helped you develop new possible plant ideas for your home! A home full of plants is a happy home.


And lastly, a few unique way of planting your indoor plants... 

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