3 UNIQUE ways to transform your bedroom ON A BUDGET!

3 UNIQUE ways to transform your bedroom ON A BUDGET!

Happy weekend readers! 

Most of us spend a ton of time in our bedrooms, especially these days. With hordes of employees transitioning into a work from home situation, we're making a living from the comfort of our comfy beds... awesome, right! 

But, to truly enjoy our new office space though, it's important to pepper in small decor choices here and there to spruce it up and create a happy, warm vibe that brings you joy and peace day in and day out.

We're here to give you a few ideas! 


The first idea...

Tapestries provide a huge burst of artistic expression to your space, they're inexpensive and the right tapestry can really tie together a rooms decor! 
Discover your next tapestry! 


Second of all, you can really add a touch of inspiration with... 
Handcrafted creations, specifically Macrame!

Macrame creations, especially dreamcatchers, are wonderful pieces of wall art that can be hung literally anywhere! A piece that's been crafted by a professional will look amazing and last you for seasons to come. 
Browse Macrame creations hand-made by women artisans around the world here.


And lastly but most importantly, the quickest way to transform the mood of a room... 

The right amount of lighting can be hugely transformative to an otherwise dull, dark uninviting bedroom. A well-lit home is a lively home, and a lively home is a HAPPY home. 
Get some fairy lights of your own and recreate this bedroom look.

That's all we have for you today.
Enjoy your weekend!

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